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The Rummler-Brache Toolkit

The following table describes some of the tools that support our methodology. We've included examples for some tools and downloadable instructions for others.  Click on Contact Us to request tools that are not currently available for download.

Supersystem Map A depiction of an organization's interaction with its external environment. This map uses labeled arrows to show the exchange of inputs and outputs between the subject organization and its market, shareholders, suppliers, regulators and competitors. This diagram is used as a visual framework for facilitating the development of an Organization Improvement Strategy. pdf icon
Process Profile A high level depiction of a process that is based on the components of the TSIPOC model of process: triggers, suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, customer. The process component is either depicted as a single box, or may be broken up into a few key sub-processes. This deceptively simple diagram is essential for getting agreement on process boundaries, developing process metrics, adequately scoping improvement projects, and organizing more detailed process maps.
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Process Relationship Map A map that shows the relationships between processes by using labeled arrows to depict inputs and outputs flowing between the processes. Building this model usually requires the creation of a process inventory and a process profile for each process in order to ensure completeness. pdf icon
Function Relationship Map A map that shows the relationships between collections of people (departments or groups). It is best described as an organization chart to which labeled arrows have been added to depict the work products flowing from one organization to another. Contact Us
Linear Process Map The most basic type of process flowchart. This map depicts the work steps required to convert inputs into outputs. The owner or performer of each step is not depicted. This is a useful map for developing new or changed processes, because the focus is on what must happen rather than who is responsible. This can help a design team avoid turf issues. Contact Us
Cross-functional Process Map A type of process flowchart that displays which functional unit (department, team, role) is responsible for which work step. It is an essential tool for performing current state or "IS" analysis, especially when there are problems associated with organizational handoffs. Contact Us
Metrics Chain
A tool that facilitates the development of both upstream (leading) and downstream (lagging) metrics for a specific business process.
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ICE Prioritization
A simple but powerful technique for prioritizing everything from process improvement initiatives to performance metrics. ICE is an acronym for Impact, Control, and Ease.
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Performance Logic
A tree diagram depicting the upstream performance drivers for a downstream business objective such as profit, cost, market share, employee retention, etc. This diagram is used in conjunction with the ICE prioritization method to uncover leverage points within the system of performance variables that may be candidates for measurement and management. This tool is particularly useful for developing organizational scorecards.
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