Process Improvement Consulting

Process Analysis and Design

Whether you're trying to improve one process or more processes, we provide the methodology and tools to help you build and implement your own solutions. Our assistance can range from simple process definition ... to process streamlining ... to full-fledged redesign.

Rummler-Brache consulting deliverables often include the following:


Design Deliverables


The Rummler-Brache Metric System

When done right, carefully chosen measures and goals at the Organization, Process, and Job/Performer Levels serve as the most powerful driver of an organization’s ongoing effectiveness. 

Measurement is key to the way our BPM consultants work with clients in developing strategy, solving problems, and implementing change. The art of performance improvement is the specification of the relationships between measures. Defining these is just as important as the choice of the measures themselves because the metric linkages establish a line of sight from individual outputs to process and organizational outputs.


Metrics Chain


Here’s how a few companies measured the results our consultants helped them achieve:

  • Chevron: $50 million cost reduction from redesigned processes in supply chain
  • Bell Canada: 33% decline in operating costs in company-wide initiative
  • Applied Materials: $300 million cost savings from new installation and warranty process
  • Dupont: 30% revenue increase from redesigned business acquisition process
  • Shell: 20% improvement in cycle time, costs, and quality in exploration and production processes
  • Louisiana Pacific: $12 million profit increase from increased output from mills
  • Rogers Cable: 50% improvement in service restoration time
  • Brown & Root: 16% increase in booked business from new business acquisition process
  • Hewlett Packard: 60% cycle time reduction from 14 to 6 months for product development
  • Conoco: $7 million cost savings in installation of SAP

More information on the types of our consulting engagements

In addition to our consulting services, we also offer training. Our Process Improvement Certification Workshop teaches our clients how to create the key deliverables for process improvement and management.