Sub-Process B - Communication for Process Analysis

  • To assist in the kickoff of the Design Team(s)
  • To kickoff the Communication Team
  • To announce the kickoff of the process improvement project
  • To create the Project Identity (optional)
  • To draft and deliver messages related to the IS Phase of the process improvement project
  • To evaluate communication performance

As communication support for this project, you will assist the Program Management Team with preparations for the kickoff of the Design Team(s)-the team(s) responsible for designing the improved process. An optional step during the Design Team's kickoff is the development of the project's identity, the Communication Team's responsibility. After participating in the Design Teams' kickoff, the Communication Team conducts its kickoff.

Once the teams have been kicked-off, the process improvement work really gets underway. As activity picks up around the process improvement project, employees at all levels will be interested in what is going on-especially those who will be directly affected. One of your first communication objectives is to announce the process improvement project to the organization, providing employees with background information on the project, what the team(s) hope to accomplish and the timeline for doing so.

Now is also time to begin drafting the messages and developing the delivery vehicles outlined in your Communication Plan. Be sure to use the Project Identity (look and feel) if guidelines were established during kickoff. The next step is to participate in the delivery of these messages. Finally, the performance of communication efforts thus far will be evaluated.

Step Tool Outcome
Step 6
Project Kickoff Held

Communication Team Charter

Communication Team Kickoff Agenda

Communication Team Kickoff Presentation

List of Delivery Vehicles

Meeting Logistics Checklist

Project Identity

Project Identity Kit

Project Kickoff Announcement

Process improvement project formally kicked off

Step 7
IS Phase Messages and Delivery Vehicles Developed

Communication Best Practices and Guidelines

Communication Coaching

Communication Effectiveness Evaluation

Elevator Speech

List of Delivery Vehicles

Meeting Logistics Checklist


Progress Update Article

Quality Assurance Process

Questions and Answers

Special Event

Web Design Specifications

Messages, deliverables, and events for the IS Phase developed and approved

Step 8
IS Phase Communication Messages Delivered

None Applicable

Messages delivered to all stakeholders during the IS Phase

Step 9
Communication Performance Reviewed

Communication Effectiveness Evaluation

Communication performance reviewed, documented, and held for integration into SHOULD and Implementation Phase Communication Plans