ePIP: Process Analysis and Design Tools

ePIP features the complete methodology required to run a Process Improvement Project (PIP) based on the best-of-class Rummler-Brache approach. The software is designed for use by process improvement project leaders and their teams.

Tools, templates, and examples included in ePIP:

Agenda for Project Kickoff Meeting
Assumptions Validation Worksheet
Change Model
Communication to Interviewees
Compiling Past Implementation Efforts Data
Components of a Successful Implementation Effort
"COULD-BE" Designs
"COULD-BE" Prioritization Worksheet
Critical Business Issue
Critical Process Issues
Critical Process Profile
Cross-Functional Process Map
Cross-Functional Role/Responsibility Matrix
“DEFINE” Phase Role/Responsibility Matrix
Design Team Support Requirements
Function Relationship Map
General Implementation Strategy
Generic Milestones for a Project Plan
Human Performance System Checklist
Human Performance System Model
“IS” Findings Review Session Memo
“IS” Interview Scheduling Guidelines
“IS” Phase Role/Responsibility Matrix
“IS” Process Validation Session Agenda for Design Team
“IS” Process Validation Session Agenda for Facilitator
“IS” Validation and “SHOULD” Concept Session Agenda for Design Team
“IS”  Validation and “SHOULD” Concept Session Agenda for Facilitator
IT Application Profile
Implementation Definition Worksheet
Implementation Infrastructure
Implementation Management Model
Implementation Milestones and Roles
Implementation Presentation Memo
Implementation Strategy Guidelines
Implementation Strategy Options
Implementation Strategy
Infrastructure Selection Guidelines
Interviewing Guidelines
Measures Chain
New Team Member Orientation
Pre-Interview Communication
Process Redesign Framework
Process Relationship Map
Project Constraints
Project Definition Worksheet Review and Approval Meeting Memo
Project Definition Worksheet
Project Goals
Project Identity Kit
Project Identity
Project Plan
Rating Past Implementation Efforts Questionnaire
Rating Team Effectiveness
Request for Quote
“SHOULD” Concept Session Agenda for Design Team
“SHOULD” Concept Session Agenda for Facilitator
“SHOULD” Design Specifications
“SHOULD” Phase Role / Responsibility Matrix
“SHOULD” Presentation Memo
“SHOULD” Process Design Approach
“SHOULD” Process Design Preview Session Memo
Short-Term Action Plan
Stakeholder Profile
Steering Team “IS” Review Presentation Planning
Summary of Key Roles