Managing Performance Is More than Managing People

Managing Performance is More than Managing People

Excerpt from the article Managing Performance is More than Managing People by Alan Brache:

Successful managers tend to be guided by a set of fundamental truths about human performance: 

  • People issues in an organizational setting can be analyzed systematically if managers have a process for this analysis. 
  • Managing performance is more than managing performers. Employees are one component in a performance system. Factors in the environment around people have as much influence on performance as the inner workings of the people. 
  • Employees should not be blamed for performance problems unless analysis proves them to be at fault. They are at fault far less than environmental factors within the control of management. 
  • Many valuable productivity improvement actions are available to managers. Training, employee participation, job enrichment, management by objectives, reorganization, and positive reinforcement are all viable solutions to specific needs. The only way to select one of these alternatives or the myriad of other available interventions is to diagnose the situation first.
  • The non-problem area often offers as much opportunity for productivity improvement as does the performance problem ...