Phase 4: Performance Management


Process improvement projects are important and help solve critical business issues. However, world-class process performance is achieved through continuous improvement, and not just by fixing processes that periodically break down. 

In Phase 4: Process Management, the individual process is managed for optimal performance on a continuing basis.

The input to Phase 4 is an improved process from Phase 3 or a healthy process from Phase 0 (a process that does not require major improvement right now, but requires management attention to remain healthy).

During Phase 4:

Clarify management roles and responsibilities—process owners and process management teams are identified.

Track process performance—if you are arriving at Phase 4 from Phase 3, measures were designed in Phase 2 and installed as a measurement system in Phase 3. 

If you are arriving at Phase 4 from Phase 0, a first step in process management is to make sure you have a good measurement system in place, one with linked measures at the Three Levels of Performance

Plan, support, and manage process performance—information from the performance management system is analyzed and corrective action taken when appropriate.

The outputs of Phase 4: Performance Management are optimized processes.