Phase 0: Performance Planning


In Phase 0: Performance Improvement Planning, the following activities are completed:

Construct a Supersystem Map to:

Validate and clarify the business strategy so it can be linked to performance. Questions concerning strategy include: Is it current? appropriate? specific? well understood?

Identify your critical success factors (CSFs)—things central for success in your specific line of business. 

Identify critical business issues/opportunities (CBIs)—so you can target processes for improvement that most impact those issues.

Construct a Process Relationship Map to:

Identify core processes—10 or 12 processes that must operate well for you to meet your strategic objectives.  For example, if you are in the commercial banking business, your cash management process had better be efficient. If you are in the airline business, your safety process must work. 

Then, draft the Performance Improvement Plan whose basis is the above collected information.