Process Improvement Methodology Software (ePIP)

Cloud software that provides step-by-step, task-by-task guidance on how to map, analyze, and improve processes with Rummler-Brache's rich, digital toolset. THE FIRST 13 STEPS AND OVER 40 TOOLS ARE FREE.

Process Improvement Methodology Cloud Software (ePIP)

Rummler-Brache's process improvement methodology cloud software (ePIP) shows what the deliverables for a process improvement initiative should look like, who should create them, how to create them, and in what sequence.
The powerful tools and insightful examples in ePIP help teams quickly learn RummlerBrache's intuitive, coherent approach for process analysis and design.
Both novices and process improvement experts will find ePIP easy to use. Users are never more than a few clicks from the insights, tools, and examples they need.
ePIP Content:
Define a Process Improvement Project
  • 8 Steps, 41 tasks
  • 27 Tools
Analyze the current "IS" process
  • 11 Steps, 24 tasks
  • 42 Tools
Design a new or improved "SHOULD" process and scope the implementation
  • 15 Steps, 50 tasks
  • 37 Tools
Manage Communications
  • 23 Steps, 81 tasks
  • 35 Tools