The Process Performance Index Assessment

Select the answers which best describe how you organization manages its key business processes. Then, click submit to see your score and our recommendations.

1.  Alignment with strategy

Business processes are directly linked to the organization's strategy and critical success factors.


2.  Holistic Approach

Enterprise business processes are defined before launching improvement initiatives (e.g., Six Sigma).


3.  Process awareness by management and employees

Key players understand the role of process management in improving performance.


4.  Portfolio of process management initiatives

Improvement efforts are prioritized according to process "health" and linkage to current issues.


5.  Process improvement methodology

Process management teams use a standard approach to navigate process analysis and design.


6.  Process metrics

Process performance is measured at the individual, process, and enterprise levels.


7.  Customer focus

Process analysis and design efforts focus on delivering value to the customer.


8.  Process management

Process owners monitor process metrics and continuous improvement efforts on a regular basis.


9.  Information systems

Process is the "master" and information systems are the "servants".


10.  Change management

People and cultural issues are effectively addressed when process changes are introduced.