Sub-Process C - Project Approved


Obtain approval of the Project Definition Worksheet (PDW) from the Steering Team, Process Owner and Project Sponsor. The Executive Team should also review the PDW; however, their signature approval is not required.

At this point, you have completed as much of the PDW as possible from the data collected in your interviews and the validation sessions. In this sub-process, you and the Process Owner will present the scope of the project to the Executive Team, Steering Team and the Project Sponsor for their review and approval. You may have some blanks in the PDW that need to be filled during the meeting and/or requests for edits prior to approval. The important outcome of this sub-process is obtaining approval to proceed. Without it, you won't have the support needed to complete the project. See the Project Definition Worksheet Tool for reference.

Step Tool Outcome
Step 8
Project Definition Worksheet Reviewed and Approved

Project Definition Worksheet Review and Approval Meeting Memo

Sponsorship Scorecard

PDW approved and signed or follow-up meeting scheduled


The project could derail without approval of the PDW. The PDW sets goals, roles, and boundaries(scope) so you don't have any surprises later because upper management didn't understand the scope of the project.