Sub.Process F - IS Process Validated


To complete the IS Process Analysis and validate the Cross-Functional IS Process Map.

It will take approximately 3 days to complete each key activity in this sub-process and a total elapsed time of approximately 3 weeks to complete this sub-process and the next two (Sub-Process G-SHOULD Concept Developed and Sub-Process H-IS Findings Reviewed).

In this sub-process you will review the Cross-Functional IS Process Map in detail with the Design Team. The map and associated performance data will be validated along with impact to the Human Performance System. All Disconnects will be categorized, validated and prioritized.

In the next sub-process, SHOULD Concept Developed, the team will be ready to begin thinking beyond IS. They will proceed to develop SHOULD Design Specifications and create "Could-Be" Designs that will be presented to the Steering Team as part of their IS Phase Findings Review Session. To combine the IS Process Validation Session and the SHOULD Concept Sessions into one three-day session, see the tips following the step table.

Step Tool Outcome
Step 14
IS Process Validation Session Planned

Human Performance System Model

IS Process Validation Session Agenda

IS Process Validation Session Memo

IS Validation and SHOULD Concept Session Agenda

IS Validation and SHOULD Concept Session Memo

Session logistics, agenda and content planned

Design Team invited to session

Step 15
IS Process Validation Session Conducted


Human Performance System Checklist

Human Performance System Model

Design Team Charter developed

Cross-Functional IS Process Map validated

IS Performance Data validated

Impacts to the Human Performance System identified

Disconnects categorized, validated, and prioritized


The Design Team sessions conducted in this sub-process and in Sub-Process G-SHOULD Concept Developed can be combined into one three-day session. If you choose this option, do the following: