Sub-Process G - SHOULD Concept Developed


Develop SHOULD Design Specifications and "Could-Be" Designs to present to the Steering Team for approval.

It will take approximately 3 days to complete each key activity in this sub-process and a total elapsed time of approximately 3 weeks to complete this sub-process, Sub-Process F-IS Process Validated and Sub-Process H-IS Findings Reviewed.

In this sub-process you will facilitate a SHOULD Concept session with the Design Team. In this session, the Design Team will develop specifications for the SHOULD Design (including operating style elements) and develop some "Could-Be" Designs. The team will develop a presentation plan for presenting their IS Findings and SHOULD Concept to the Steering Team. They will close by conducting an effectiveness review as a way to evaluate their progress as a team before moving on to the SHOULD Phase.

Begin discussing future operating style elements so the team has thought about the necessary behaviors to enable the should design to work (i.e. decision making, team structure, leadership style, communication, rewards and recognition, etc.). These fall outside the typical realm of what process focused teams talk about but they need to be identified now versus later.

Step Tool Outcome
Step 16 SHOULD Concept Session Planned

Change Management 101 Presentation

SHOULD Concept Session Agenda

SHOULD Concept Session Memo

Stakeholder Analysis

Session logistics, agenda and content planned

Design Team invited to session

Step 17 SHOULD Concept Session Conducted

Could-Be Designs

New Team Member Orientation

SHOULD Design Specifications


SHOULD Organization Profile

Six Common Problems With Change Efforts

Sponsorship Scorecard

Stakeholder Analysis

Steering Team IS Review Presentation Planning

Team Effectiveness

Organization Style Assessment results validated and discussed

Stakeholder Analysis completed

SHOULD Design Specifications, Assumptions and "Could-Be" Designs developed

Presentation Plan drafted

Necessary adjustments to team member behavior, team ground rules, roles and charter made