Comments from Process Improvement Certification Workshop Attendees

The memory of this experience will last well into the future. I was pleased with the content and how you made it real for our situation.
Rummler-Brache’s depth of experience was obvious.

- Tim Purdie, Director of Carrier Operations, Research in Motion


Excellent facilitation of the Rummler-Brache methodology.

- Cris Ibarra-Cooper, Global Purchasing Manager, Caterpillar


Thank you for the informative workshop!  The class was truly useful and your trainer’s excellent delivery complemented the material!  

 - Ivie B. Higgins, Operational Risk Management, Freddie Mac


Feedback is good from attendees and they have many good process improvement suggestions (you trained them too well)! 

- John Mansfield, Global Asset Management, Fidelity Investments


Excellent training.  The class was very informative and interesting.

- Girish Somashekar, Vice President of IT, Pepsi Bottling Ventures


RBG’s methodology will be invaluable to the delivery of our project.

- Peter Bird, Program Manager - End to End Processes and Process Performance Management, LyondellBasell Industries


This course brought it all together for me. I now understand how strategy, process, and learning fit together.

- Tom Voss, Process Architect, Caterpillar


Very professional and well done. Instructors really know the material and have immense practical experience.

- Greg Grady, Process Analyst, Northwestel


Thank you for everything this past week. We learned a lot and are eager to get started implementing the Rummler-Brache methodology here at AP.  

- Chris Eldredge, Director, Enterprise PMO, Academic Partnerships, LLC


Very helpful and engaging; instructors were very fluent in the material and methodology. The hands-on aspects were helpful in driving the learning.

- Tim Transtrum, Partner, ServiceQuest


Phase 0 was very valuable. Following this phase and the class will help us achieve greater success!

- Jennifer Bouron, Senior VP of HR, Polypore (AK)


The workshop was indeed a great experience for me.  In addition to the learning, I really enjoyed working with the team of experts and participating in discussions.  The team work and brainstorming assignments helped me gain good insights into the various approaches that a process improvement expert would consider. I am sure I can apply this learning into work situations and drive positive results.  All in all, a great learning experience!

- Sanjay Nedumbram, CPIM, Partner Operations, BlackBerry


Thank you so much.  Very positive feedback from the group.

 - Steven Isenburg, CPCU, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources, Tower Group Companies

Instructors were excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed the time. Discussions and hands-on exercises were extremely valuable in helping attendees assimilate the ideas.

- Ajit Bhatt, IT Manager, Polycom


Great course. Will recommend to others in the organization.

- Vinay Singla, Adjudications Officer, Department of Homeland Security


Terrific facilitator. Great knowledge and experience with the ability to explain concepts and processes in a clear way. Thanks!

- Suzann Look, Senior Change Lead, Enterprise Continuous Improvement, Pacific Gas and Electric


Extremely good logistics and well-prepared material. Instructor capable and passionate.

- Paolo Ibba, Senior Business Process Analyst, Micron Technology


Great process improvement consulting engagement approach.

- Gregg Alexander, Director, Business Excellence, Johnson and Johnson


The workshop clarified a structure I can work within when conducting process improvement projects at my company. Instructors were exceptionally knowledgeable and real work anecdotes helped bring the concepts to life.

- Kale Cowper, Project Manager, Mallot Creek Group


The instructor was very knowledgeable. The class was interesting and the delivery made the learning easy.

- Rashmi Dwivedi, Staff Business Analyst, Poly


The methodology provides and excellent framework for sequencing process improvement initiatives. It blends well with our existing methodologies.

- Linda Bryant, VP, Global Business Strategy & Business Excellence, Janssen Supply Group


Great experience. Very useful tools for problem solving.

- Valentin Dominguez, Manufacturing Manager, Asahi Kasei


The Rummler-Brache instructor was amazing from start to finish and every word spoken added value to the course. Truly great!.

- Lindsay Hammond, Project Manager, Aphria