Comments from Process Improvement Certification Workshop Attendees

The memory of this experience will last well into the future. I was pleased with the content and how you made it real for our situation.
Rummler-Brache’s depth of experience was obvious.

- Tim Purdie, Director of Carrier Operations, Research in Motion


Excellent facilitation of the Rummler-Brache methodology.

- Cris Ibarra-Cooper, Global Purchasing Manager, Caterpillar


Thank you for the informative workshop!  The class was truly useful and your trainer’s excellent delivery complemented the material!  

 - Ivie B. Higgins, Operational Risk Management, Freddie Mac


Feedback is good from attendees and they have many good process improvement suggestions (you trained them too well)! 

- John Mansfield, Global Asset Management, Fidelity Investments


Excellent training.  The class was very informative and interesting.

- Girish Somashekar, Vice President of IT, Pepsi Bottling Ventures


RBG’s methodology will be invaluable to the delivery of our project.

- Peter Bird, Program Manager - End to End Processes and Process Performance Management, LyondellBasell Industries


This course brought it all together for me. I now understand how strategy, process, and learning fit together.

- Tom Voss, Process Architect, Caterpillar


Very professional and well done. Instructors really know the material and have immense practical experience.

- Greg Grady, Process Analyst, Northwestel


Thank you for everything this past week. We learned a lot and are eager to get started implementing the Rummler-Brache methodology here at AP.  

- Chris Eldredge, Director, Enterprise PMO, Academic Partnerships, LLC


Very helpful and engaging; instructors were very fluent in the material and methodology. The hands-on aspects were helpful in driving the learning.

- Tim Transtrum, Partner, ServiceQuest


Phase 0 was very valuable. Following this phase and the class will help us achieve greater success!

- Jennifer Bouron, Senior VP of HR, Polypore (AK)


I have learned so much in this course and he access to the ePIP software will be very useful.
Thanks to the instructors for being so patient and passionate over the Rummler-Brache methodology and process improvement.

Judilyn Ecia, QMS Engineer, Micron Semiconductor Asia Operations Pte Ltd


The workshop was indeed a great experience for me.  In addition to the learning, I really enjoyed working with the team of experts and participating in discussions.  The team work and brainstorming assignments helped me gain good insights into the various approaches that a process improvement expert would consider. I am sure I can apply this learning into work situations and drive positive results.  All in all, a great learning experience!

- Sanjay Nedumbram, CPIM, Partner Operations, BlackBerry


Thank you so much.  Very positive feedback from the group.

 - Steven Isenburg, CPCU, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources, Tower Group Companies


Instructors were excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed the time. Discussions and hands-on exercises were extremely valuable in helping attendees assimilate the ideas.

- Ajit Bhatt, IT Manager, Polycom


Great course. Will recommend to others in the organization.

- Vinay Singla, Adjudications Officer, Department of Homeland Security


Terrific facilitator. Great knowledge and experience with the ability to explain concepts and processes in a clear way. Thanks!

- Suzann Look, Senior Change Lead, Enterprise Continuous Improvement, Pacific Gas and Electric


Extremely good logistics and well-prepared material. Instructor capable and passionate.

- Paolo Ibba, Senior Business Process Analyst, Micron Technology


Great process improvement consulting engagement approach.

- Gregg Alexander, Director, Business Excellence, Johnson and Johnson


The workshop clarified a structure I can work within when conducting process improvement projects at my company. Instructors were exceptionally knowledgeable and real work anecdotes helped bring the concepts to life.

- Kale Cowper, Project Manager, Mallot Creek Group


The instructor was very knowledgeable. The class was interesting and the delivery made the learning easy.

- Rashmi Dwivedi, Staff Business Analyst, Poly


The methodology provides and excellent framework for sequencing process improvement initiatives. It blends well with our existing methodologies.

- Linda Bryant, VP, Global Business Strategy & Business Excellence, Janssen Supply Group


Great experience. Very useful tools for problem solving.

- Valentin Dominguez, Manufacturing Manager, Asahi Kasei


The Rummler-Brache instructor was amazing from start to finish and every word spoken added value to the course. Truly great!.

- Lindsay Hammond, Project Manager, Aphria