How Would You Grade These Performance Improvement Programs?

How Would You Grade These Performance Improvement Programs ?

To optimize performance, companies need to improve all Three Levels of Performance:

     1. The Organizational Level (where strategy is established)
     2. The Process Level  (where workflows are streamlined)
     3. The Job/Performer Level  (where individuals do the work)

Typical improvement campaigns (i.e. customer focus, process redesign, TQM, cost reduction, cycle-time reduction, Lean, Six-Sigma) focus on only one level. As a result, these efforts do not optimize overall results. In fact, they can do more harm than good if the “fixes” in one area create unintended, negative side effects elsewhere.

Breakthroughs occur when leaders address all Three Levels of Performance and manage the whole system, not just tinker with a few of its parts.

With that in mind, how would you grade the following four performance improvement programs? (The names of the actual companies have been changed) ...