Sub-Process C - Communication for Process Design

  • To announce the outcomes of the IS Phase and the objectives, steps, and anticipated outcomes of the SHOULD Phase
  • To draft and deliver messages related to the SHOULD Phase of the process improvement project
  • To implement the Skilled Messenger Program (optional)
  • To draft the Implementation Communication Plan
  • To evaluate communication performance

The IS Phase provides an understanding of what the process looks like today, what the disconnects are, and what the specifications are for designing a new process. All of this information needs to be shared with employees and other key stakeholders. This is the time to announce the IS Phase results and expectations for the SHOULD Phase of the project.

Since the project has evolved and you have gained awareness about communication performance during the IS Phase, it is a good idea to review and update the communication strategy. If your review of the strategy warrants the addition of new communication team members, they will need to be oriented as well.

The next step is to draft messages and develop the vehicles for delivery during the SHOULD Phase, according to your Communication Plan. Delivery of these messages and vehicles will follow this step.

As the new process design begins to take shape, you will gain a high-level understanding of what the communication needs will be during Implementation. Based on your perceptions and input from the Steering Team, Process Owner, and Design Teams, you should begin to draft the Implementation Communication Plan. You may also be able to develop a preliminary draft of the Implementation Core Message. Again, during this Sub-Process evaluate the performance of communication efforts thus far.

Step Tool Outcome
Step 10
IS Phase Outcomes and SHOULD Phase Initiation Announced

IS Outcomes and SHOULD Initiated Announcement

List of Delivery Vehicles

Outcomes from the IS Phase and objectives and timeline for the SHOULD Phase announced

Step 11
Communication Plan and Team Reviewed and Updated

Communication Team Kickoff Agenda

Communication Team Kickoff Presentation

Communication Plan reviewed and updated
Communication Team reviewed and new members oriented

Step 12
SHOULD Phase Messages and Delivery Vehicles Developed

Communication Best Practices and Guidelines

Communication Coaching

Elevator Speech

List of Delivery Vehicles


Progress Update Article

Questions and Answers

Selecting Skilled Messengers

Skilled Messenger Program

Special Event

Web Design Specifications

Messages, deliverables and events for the SHOULD Phase developed and approved

Step 13
SHOULD Phase Communication Messages Delivered

Web Site Announcement

Messages delivered to all stakeholders during the SHOULD Phase

Step 14
Implementation Phase Communication Plan and Core Message Drafted

Communication Plan

Core Message

Implementation Communication Plan and Core Message drafted

Step 15
Communication Performance Reviewed

Communication Effectiveness Evaluation

Communication performance reviewed, documented, and held for integration into Implementation Communication Plan