Sub-Process D - PIP Initiated


Transfer ownership of the Project Definition Worksheet (PDW) to a Design Team and generate organizational awareness of the project and its importance. In cases when the PDW defines one process, it will serve as the Design Team's Charter. If several processes are defined in the PDW, the Design Team may wish to draft "mini" PDWs for each specific process as the "master" PDW may not include enough detail. Design Team chartering is completed during Sub-Process F-IS Process Validated.

It will take approximately 2 to 3 days to complete each key activity and a total elapsed time of approximately 1 week to complete this sub-process.

Your project may be competing with several other priorities for the attention of Design Team members and other Stakeholders. It is important for the Sponsors to establish awareness and ownership of project as quickly as possible. 

Step Tool Outcome
Step 9
Project Announced

IS Phase Role / Responsibility Matrix

Leadership Kickoff Presentation

Six Common Problems With Change Efforts

Project purpose and goals announced to the organization

Steering Team and other leaders introduced to basic concepts of Leading Change—Leaders begin sharing and understanding fundamental business and operational issues that may impact the project

Step 10
Project Kickoff Held

Change Management 101 Presentation

Kickoff Meeting Memo

Organization Style Assessment

Performance Planning and Review

PIP Kickoff Training

Project scope and methodology understood by Design Team