Sub-Process B - Project Defined


Interpret the data collected and develop the Project Definition Worksheet (PDW).

You now have a volume of interview notes and background data to help you define the scope of the project. In this sub-process you will complete the sections of the PDW and analyze and interpret the day you have collected. Later, you and the Process Owner will present the scope of the project to the Steering Team for their review and approval. Any adjustments are then made.

Step Tool Outcome
Step 4
Project Goals Defined

Critical Business Issue

Critical Process Issues

Critical Process Profile

Project Goals

The Critical Business Issue, Critical Process Issues, Critical Process Profile, Organization Profile, Metrics Chain and Project Goals entered into the PDW

Project Vision drafted

Step 5
Project Scope Defined and Validated

Function Relationship Map

IT Application Profile

Process Inventory

Process Relationship Map

Project Constraints and Assumptions

Project Risks and Countermeasures

Stakeholder Profile

The PRM, IT Application Profile (if applicable), FRM, Stakeholder Profile, Project Risks & Countermeasures and Project Constraints & Assumptions entered into the PDW

Project Scope validated

Step 6
Project Teams Defined

Project Teams Profile

Summary of Project Team Roles

Project Teams entered into the PDW

Step 7
Project Plan Developed

Design Team Support Requirements

Generic Milestones for a Project Plan

Project Plan

Project Plan and Design Team Support Requirements entered into the PDW

  • During analysis and interpretation of the data from your interviews, if you are uncertain, contact the interviewee again for clarification.
  • Sometimes, creating a project vision is perceived as just another 'to-do' for project start-up. However, one of the most important responsibilities of leadership is to set the tone for the future direction of the organization. A vision statement can make the change more meaningful and personal to the individuals who will be impacted by the change. Don't assume that your team members will be able to personalize the project goals just by reading the critical business and process issue statements; work with the Communication Team to instill the vision in the organization using all possible resources.