Sub-Process D - Communication for Process Implementation

  • To announce the outcomes of the SHOULD Phase and the objectives, steps, and anticipated outcomes of Implementation
  • To establish the communication infrastructure for Implementation
  • To assist in kicking off the Implementation Team(s) and the Implementation Communication Team
  • To finalize and gain approval on the Implementation Communication Plan and Core Message
  • To draft and deliver messages related to the Implementation Phase of the process improvement project
  • To evaluate communication performance and document all communication deliverables for use on future process improvement projects

The transition to Implementation is an important and exciting time during a process improvement effort. All the planning and work that has taken place in recent months will finally come to fruition. As this happens though, many questions will surface. It is the job of the newly formed Implementation Communication Team to keep all key stakeholders informed and educated about the impact of the new process design on both the business and their individual jobs.

The first step during Communication for Implementation is to publish the outcomes from the SHOULD Phase and objectives and timeline for Implementation. At this point it is also necessary to re-task and reorganize the Communication Team for Implementation. This often involves identifying new Communication Liaisons, who are communication representatives from their respective Implementation Teams.

Simultaneously, you will assist with preparations for the kickoff of the Implementation Team(s), and your own Implementation Communication Team. Once the new Communication Team is in place, it is necessary to revisit the Implementation Communication Plan and Core Message based on the latest information on how Implementation will unfold. Once those are finalized, you can begin drafting and delivering messages.

Finally, the success of your communication efforts will be evaluated and all communication deliverables from the project will be archived in a Project Library for use on future process improvement projects.

Step Tool Outcome
Step 16
SHOULD Phase Outcomes and Implementation Phase Announced

List of Delivery Vehicles

SHOULD Outcomes and Implementation Initiated Announcement

Outcomes from the SHOULD Phase and objectives and timeline for Implementation announced

Step 17
Implementation Communication Team Defined and Validated

Communication Team Characteristics and Roles

Message to Implementation Communication Team Members

Team Roster

Implementation Communication Team members identified, approved of and notified

Step 18
Implementation Communication Team Kicked-Off

Communication Team Charter

Communication Team Kickoff Agenda

Communication Team Kickoff Presentation

Implementation Kickoff Announcement

List of Delivery Vehicles

Meeting Logistics Checklist

Communication Team provides support to Process Owner when Implementation Team(s) are kicked off
Implementation Communication Team kicked off

Step 19
Implementation Communication Plan and Core Message Finalized

None applicable

Implementation Communication Plan and Core Message approved by the Steering Team and Process Owner

Step 20
Implementation Phase Messages and Delivery Vehicles Developed

Communication Best Practices and Guidelines

Communication Coaching

Elevator Speech

List of Delivery Vehicles


Progress Update Article

Questions and Answers

Skilled Messenger Program

Special Event

Messages, deliverables, and events for the Implementation Phase drafted/ developed and approved

Step 21
Implementation Phase Communication Messages Delivered

None applicable

Messages delivered to all stakeholders during the Implementation Phase

Step 22
Communication Performance Reviewed

Communication Effectiveness Evaluation

Communication performance reviewed, documented, and archived for future process improvement projects

Step 23
Lessons Learned Documented and Communication Project Library Completed

Lessons Learned Report

Communication Lessons Learned documented and copies of all communications archived for future use